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WISE Worldwide Resource Center

Newsflash!! See the Latest WISE Journal, Volume 3, No 3 (December, 2014)  (Click Here

Please Note: the hugely expanded Digital Library of 257 different periodical titles (full text, digitized) dealing with alternative and traditional medicine, consciousness, scientific anomalies, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. This is the largest library of its kind in the world, and more and more periodical titles and books are being added.

Please Note,To Search: This is an online "encyclopedia" of over 30,000 pages covering scientific anomalies and unexplained phenomena of all kinds. To find any person, organization, periodical, or subject of interest, start typing the name in the search box in the upper right, look for the name in the menu offered, click on it and it will go into the search box automatically. Then check the "exact match" box and click "Go".
The WISE online Worldwide Resource Center (WWRC) is an independent project initiated by the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE), and is one of the many programs and projects of WISE. The WWRC is a gigantic "wiki" database, directory, encyclopedia (similar to Wikipedia), library, and archive designed to be a comprehensive resource for all topics and subjects, worldwide, related to scientific anomlies, alternative and traditional medicine, anti-aging medicine, consciousness and parapsychology, alternative energy, and unsolved mysteries in science, technology, history, and other fields of knowledge.
There are thousands of pages for people, organizations, periodicals, and subjects in this "wiki", which you can easily search for by using the search box in the upper right corner. There are also pages for each of the 240 countries and territories of the world, which cover all of the above subjects and related activities in those countries and territories, including the states and provinces in the US and Canada. You can search for any country, US state, or Canadian province using the search box in the upper right.
The WISE online World Resource Center is a wiki , similar to Wikipedia, but goes far beyond what Wikipedia does or allows. The database includes thousands of people and subjects that Wikipedia does not cover, with its "newsworthy" requirement bias, and eliminates the various other restrictions, biases, and censorship that Wikipedia has been accused of exercising against scientific anomalies, alternative medicine, and paranormal related subjects of all kinds. In addition, the WWRC has comprehensive subject bibliographies and a growing digital library with books, periodicals, photos, and other materials digitized for direct access, or with links to digital materials available on other websites.
Please remember that as a "wiki", this is a huge work in progress, and we have not yet had the time to add complete information to all of the thousands of pages we have created. We will continue to add as much information as we can, but we would like to invite anyone in the world to contribute to the WISE Wiki by creating new pages, making additions to existing pages, correcting information, adding photos, documents, or making other contributions and suggestions to WISE Wiki. You can do this by emailing to the WISE Wiki editors whatever you would like to contribute: wisewiki.org@gmail.com.  
You can even create a page for yourself and put up your bio, resume, or CV, and tell everyone all about your research projects, accomplishments, and other aspects of your life. Or you can create pages for any other person, organization, periodical, event, or subject, as long as it relates in some way to the above topics. Just tell us what page you would like to create or contribute something to, send the items you want us to add to the above email, and the editors will take care of the rest. That way, you won't have to learn all of the technical aspects of the wiki on how to add things to it. Through your help we all can make this a reference source of value to researchers worldwide.
If you would like to become an editor of WISE Wiki so that you can make direct additions and other contributions, please register by clicking the registration button in the upper right corner, complete the registration form, and send us your resume or CV. We have editorships open to serious researchers who would like to make regular contributions to WISE Wiki, but these have to be approved by our editorship board, and there is a trial period. When you register, please note that the user name and password are case sensitive, and that the password must have at least 5 letters and/or numbers.
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