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Dutch Spiritualist Society "Harmonia" (Organization)

The Dutch Spiritualist Society "Harmonia" was founded on December 27, 1888 under the name Spiritistische Vereeniging Broederbond “Harmo­nia”; a literal translation of that name might be "Harmonia" Spiritist Brotherhood Society.  Later the organization was renamed to De Ne­derlandse Vereniging van Spiritisten “Har­monia”; a literal translation might be the "Harmonia" Dutch Society of Spiritists.

Given that the majority of Dutch seekers into the reality of communication with the spirit world were more closely aligned with the North American and British traditions of Spiritualism than with Allan Kardec's codification named Spiritism, the society later changed its name to incorporate the term Spiritualist rather than Spiritist.

For the purpose of simplifying cross-referencing among related entries in WISE wiki, two shortened English forms of the name will be used:  1) "Harmonia" Brotherhood when referring to the initial organization; and 2) Dutch Spiritualist Society "Harmonia" when referring to the organization in later and/or indeterminate points in its history.  However, both of those names will point back to this entry.

Harmonia had a national board of directors and local chapters that were named after the city in which the local board was based.  As of December 2013, the Society continues to operate, in a reduced capacity, with nine local chapters.


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